Author, Author! Cleaning up a Pair of Brigham Shape 29 Pipes

Charles, those two turned out really nice. Well done on the refinish and refurb. Brigham nails that shape!

Here’s another two-for-one pipe refurbishment. I’ve been picking up estate pipes in ones and twos recently, and adding them to the refurb box as I go. When I realized I had two vintage Brigham Shape 29  (aka Author) pipes waiting for me, I decided to work on them together.

The first pipe is a 2-Dot pipe marked “229” then “Brigham” over “Made in Canada”. The lack of patent stamp places the production of this pipe in the 1956 – mid 1960’s period. It is fully rusticated except for the rim and two smooth egg-shaped lozenges, one on either side of the bowl. It arrived in good used condition, with only a light cake and a bit of rim tar. The stem, as expected, was fairly heavily oxidized, with tooth chatter and a few tooth dents I’d have to address.

The second pipe is a 3-Dot Author marked “329”, then “Brigham”…

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