Smartening Up an English Kaywoodie Standard

I wanted to reblog this to rebornpipes so that readers could have the historical information on the English Kaywoodies and also to show the great work that Charles has done on this one.

This is the first refurbishment of a half dozen pipes my older daughter and I found at a local antique sale recently. The clover logo on the stem clearly identified the pipe as a Kaywoodie, but it was only at home under better lighting that we spotted the “Made in England” stamp on the right side of the shank.

There’s not much information out there about English-made Kaywoodies. Production started in about 1938 as a joint venture between Kaywoodie USA and Comoy’s of London. This relationship lasted until the early 1970’s when Comoy bought out its partner. According to Pipedia, Comoy continues to produce a few pipes marked as Kaywoodie. My guess is that this particular English Kaywoodie dates from the 1960’s.  Here are some pics of the pipe as found:


Several restoration issues popped up after looking over the pipe. The pipe had significant cake in the bowl, narrowing the straight-sided…

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