My Supply List

This is a well designed list of supplies that are used in refurbishing. My list is much the same. I have blogged it earlier on rebornpipes but this is a great refresher. Thanks




A great post for this site would be one highlighting the different tools, products, etc. that y’all use.

Recently I received a question a on my supplies. Everyone who’s into estate pipe refurbishing has his or her own list if tools and products ,these are the products and tools I reach for in the restoration of my pipes. I try to keep things as cheap as possible. I didn’t list prices as they have changed some since my purchasing them. Also my equipment was purchased over a five year period as it was needed it was added.


  1. Castleford Reamer(EBAY)– I started out with this reamer, was on my second when I switched to a Pipnet.
  2. Shank Brushes(plastic tips) – / Pipes&
  3. Retort(EBAY)– seller 4Ziggy20
  4. Pipnet Reamer–  I as well as many others recommend this reamer.
  5.  Round Tip Jewelry Pliers– Big box store. I…

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3 thoughts on “My Supply List

  1. upshallfan

    I just switched from the Castleford reamer to the Pipenet. The Pipenet is a much better product and worth the additional cost.

  2. Al

    Steve, I think you may have forgotten the tenon tool. It seems like it has been of great use for you, and would save those who wish to replace stems a lot of trial and error.


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