Quick Clean up , Pre-Transition Sasieni two dot 73

Nicely done. I love the finished look of this one. I have had both reamers and have been using a PipNet for many years now. It wins hands down in terms of longevity and cutting.


Pre-Transition Sasieni Two Dot 73


The baby blue dots,
I’ve always been a fan of Sasieni pipes and there history. In fact the kick off to my estate refurbishing and collecting stated with a lot of pipes from a friends fathers estate. Included was nine or ten boxed smoked and Un-Smoked Sasieni two dot pipes. Many had the dreaded pink filler but a few I could never figure out why they were two dot and not four . I have two left in my collection , one Un-smoked Two Dot Oom Paul 80sxs with one small spot of filler and the one I’m writing about a thick walled, stubby Two dot 73. For life of me I cannot find one flaw, its been in the rack about three years now and with winter here I thought I could use a nose warmer. 

The unappreciated subject

She was redone five…

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