Opening the rebornpipes store.

I decided to create a store/sale page on the blog. I have so many pipes around here that are not getting the attention that they deserve so it is time to pass them on to some of you. The costs are listed and I think are quite reasonable. I have included an assortment of photos. Postage will be added to the price once I have the purchasers mailing address. Each week I hope to add a few more pipes so I can clear out some of my little used pipes. This first batch was given to me by a friend to clean and restore and sell. The proceeds will all go to a pipe forum that he supports for upkeep and maintenance costs. I am donating my restoration work so that all but postage will go to that forum.

Check it out. You can access it from the front page by clicking on the Welcome to the rebornpipes store or you can click on this link:

Thanks for your support.



4 thoughts on “Opening the rebornpipes store.

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  2. WanderingPop

    Reblogged this on Wandering Pop and commented:
    Speaking from personal experience, Steve does amazing work with his refurbishes. If you are looking to get into the hobby or just looking to expand your collection, check out Steve’s new store.



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