Cleaning Up a Pair of Brigham Bulldogs

I am a sucker for Brigham pipes and for bulldogs. Charles did a great job on these two. It is cool to see him use and modify most of the methods that I have used over the years. Thought I would share his work.


I bought these two bulldog pipes separately, but as the restorations proceeded almost identically, I thought I’d write them up together. Both pipes are from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s – the unique rusticated stummels with wave-shaped smooth features are illustrated in this Brigham catalog from 1978. I’m working here on a 316 Straight Bulldog and a 426 Bent Bulldog.


The bent pipe is stamped “Brigham” over “Made in Canada” along with “426”, denoting a Shape # 26 on a 400-series pipe. The straight bulldog is likewise stamped “Brigham” and “316” (shape # 16, 300-series). Curiously, this pipe is missing its Canada stamp, though the aluminum tenon clearly identifies it as having been made in Toronto.

Both pipes came to me in good to very good condition with no big dents or gouges in the briar and no fills in need of repair. In fact, I couldn’t find any…

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