Peterson’s Capt. Pete XL21 cleanup

Great work on that Mark. That is a shape I really like. Well done. If you plan on selling it let me know.

Lone Star Briar Works Blog

I got this Capt. Pete for a low price because of the condition of the pipe as shown in the seller pics, I have included my own pics instead. Its a thick diamond shanked stubby bulldog canted forward. Well, as can be seen by the pics, this pipe was abused! The stem had plenty of oxidation, the rim had scorch marks front and back that burnt down into the briar. There was a bunch of pock marks on the back of the rim but the worst abuse was a large area chipped off the back. Prepare yourself for graphic photographic evidence…







I dropped the stem in an oxyclean/hot water bath and scrubbed every half hour with a green sponge. There was minimal chatter which cleaned up with 220 grit paper followed by finer grits until I hit it on the buffer wheels to gloss it up. The brass P was…

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3 thoughts on “Peterson’s Capt. Pete XL21 cleanup

  1. rebornpipes Post author

    The pipe came today from Mark and it is a beauty! I love it. I wrote to Mark Irwin my go to guy on Peterson pipes and asked him about the pipe. Here is what he wrote back in part:

    “The second issue [of the Captain Pete line], 1998–, features an XL bowl with Sherlock Holmes shapes and compact stems, in rustic or combination of smooth and rustic finish, with a nickel band between two narrow brass bands.”

    The XL21 is the shape number for :Hudson” as in Mrs. Hudson from the Return of Sherlock Holmes series and appeared about 1993. It was designed by German pipe-maker Jan Harry Seiffert.


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