Cleaning Up a Yello-Bole Hand Made, With a Bit of Learning Curve Thrown In

Good work on a cool looking old pipe. Those nylon stems are a pain. I am working on one now that is a bear!

Several recent posts on RebornPipes and PipesRevival about CustomBilt pipes reminded me that I had a very similar pipe in my refurb box waiting for my attention. I found the pipe, but when I looked at the stampings, I discovered that it was not a CustomBilt at all; rather, it was stamped “Yello-Bole” over ‘“hand made”’ over “Imported Briar”. The stem was also stamped with “HM”. If the stampings weren’t enough to establish the pipe’s provenance, patches of the original yellow bowl lining were clearly visible in the tobacco chamber.

The pipe was in decent, if dirty, condition when it arrived. The stem had a fair amount of chatter in the bite area, but no oxidation. For those of you who have been following my blog for a bit now, you’ll recognize the lack of oxidation as a fair indicator of a nylon or nylon composite stem. Test an inconspicuous part…

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