Quick & Easy Removal Of Heavy Rim Cake

Thanks for the simple how to with the Scotch Brite. Got some here and will have to give it a go. I have been using the 0000 steel wool trick and it doing well so this will be another tool for the kit. Thanks Troy.

Baccy Pipes

I thought i would post my simple way to clean up heavy rim cake . Its the fastest and easiest way I’ve found.

This is a old  E.Wilke poker I’m working on .

I will use Oxy Clean as my cleaner because its a natural finish and I’m not worried about preserving a factory stain finish. I will soak the stem of this pipe in it as well ,so i will be killing two birds with one stone.

If i was preserving a pipe and wanted to be careful i would substitute Oxy Clean for a mild detergent and water such as a drop of dawn in warm water, or just water. It will remove the cake  slower but will do just as well with out removing stain . Oxy Clean will strip stain and finish if applied like i will be  doing on this rim. If you do this…

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