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Reiner Blend No. 71 Long Golden Flake

A lovely blend any Virginia lover should consider.

Smoking Jacket Magazine

12000106_1027662030598270_1103618288_nBy Greg Wolford

I picked up a tin of this at a B&M in South Carolina on vacation last month. It was dented but still sealed well and marked half off; I figured I couldn’t go wrong with 3.5 ounces of mostly-Virginia flakes for under $15 so I picked it up.

The paint can style tin had been opened a week or so ago by my son but both the metal and plastic lids had been replaced he told me a few days ago. I know these types of tins are supposed to hold moisture well after opening but, still, I wanted to get it jarred up properly.

When I opened the tin I saw these huge, beautiful flakes that smelled of pure hay; a very nice Virginia tin note. Though it had been opened the tin did its job; I found the tobacco to be at the perfect moisture…

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