Cleaning Up a Kaywoodie “500” Canted Billiard

Looks really good. I have not used the Tan before but I like it. I always dilute the dark brown to get whatever colour I am looking for 🙂


This old Kaywoodie “500” came in a recent auction lot and arrived in fair condition for a pipe that was likely never expected to last as long as it has. On the other hand, the 500 and 600 lines from Kaywoodie were cheap, low-end pipes manufactured between 1959 and 1967, so perhaps my specific 500 wasn’t doing too badly for its age. It did have a few things going for it to increase its longevity: a nowadays unheard of quality of briar for an entry-level pipe (I couldn’t find any factory fills), and a flexible nylon pipe stem, which doesn’t oxidize and can take quite a beating and still clean right up.

The pipe had also been given reasonable care, or at least not been outright abused, unlike other estate pipes I’ve come across. The internals were relatively clean, though the original lacquer finish was chipped and peeling, and the rim had…

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