Sneak-Peak: The Peterson Christmas Pipe 2015.

Always look forward to Mark’s write up. I am still hoping for the day he writes and says the Peterson History book is going live!

peterson pipe notes


Here’s a sneak-peek at the Peterson Christmas Pipe for 2015, which should be getting to the States almsot any day now. Tony Whelan, Jr. at the factory says it will be available in 11 shapes: the 01, 03, 05, 106, 221, 408, 68, 69, 999, B10, and X105. I know that can’t be right—eleven shapes? Not twelve? Isn’t it the “twelve pipes of Christmas” and all that? Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe Peterson will order one of the limited B shapes from the workshop at the North Pole’s Sallynoggin Division between now and Christmas.


This year’s pipe has a nutmeg / gingerbread theme, elegantly understated after last year’s flamboyance, but quite welcome and expensive-looking. The color on the acrylic stem is wonderful, as you can see, and features a gold hot-foil “P” stamp. The nickel band is engraved “2015” on the underneath and features a picture of…

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