Peterson 1910 Patent Reproduction Bulldog

I’ve been a fan of the Peterson reproduction pipes since reading about them on Mark Irwin’s “Peterson Pipe Notes” and Jim Lilley’s “Peterson Pipe Connoisseur” blogs.

While visiting one of my favorite Virginia shops, JB Hayes in Winchester VA, I spied this chubby beauty in the bottom of their estate case. The briar was in excellent shape, but the oddly, the stem was pretty much destroyed at the P-lip button end. While the pipe has “Made in Ireland” COM stamping, and the silver was stamped “1910” I was pretty certain it was a Reproduction pipe. The silver was tarnished, but I could make out the letter “M”. I keep a copy of the Peterson hallmark dates chart in my Drop-Box account and opened it up via my Smart Phone. The letter M was for 1998, which confirmed that the pipe was a Reproduction piece. The stem was so bad, I put it back in the case. After thinking about it overnight, I drove back down and struck a deal on the pipe. I thought perhaps it could be repaired and at the worst, I thought that I could acquire a new stem from Peterson. In fact I emailed Peterson and they quickly confirmed a replacement stem could be had for around $50 shipped from Ireland. I found this picture of the Reproduction set, which came with four pipes from 1903, 1905, 1909, 1910.

Peterson_Patent_Collection(4 Pipes)

Here is the pipe as it was found at the shop.

Peterson_1910_Patent_Before (4)


Peterson_1910_Patent_Before (1)

Peterson_1910_Patent_Before (3)

I posted the pipe to the forum (where I’m a moderator) in the British Pipes section. Of our the members, George Dibos, of Precision Pipe repair replied that he had the matching billiard Reproduction pipe. He prefers fishtale stems and had made a replacement for his pipe. He retained the original P-lip stem and I gladly took him up on his offer to send it to me.

The briar only required a light sanding of the bowl interior and I soaked it with alcohol and sea salt. The bowl was buffed with several coats of carnuba wax. I used a jewelers cloth to remove the oxidation on the silver collar. The replacement stem was in like new condition and it fit perfectly.

Now the hunt is on to locate the other three pipes in the collection.


Peterson_1910_Patent_Gallery (4)

Peterson_1910_Patent_Gallery (1)

Peterson_1910_Patent_Gallery (3)




Update – 8/2/15
Mark Irwin was kind enough to contact me and offer the four pipe case for the Patent Reproduction set and I received it last week.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness Mark!  If you know me, I love a collecting challenge, so the hunt begins.



14 thoughts on “Peterson 1910 Patent Reproduction Bulldog

          1. upshallfan Post author

            2012, his last blog entry, farewell. I assumed he had passed. I’ll edit that later tonight.

  1. upshallfan Post author

    I did leave the pipe, then we thought it and came back the next day and bought it. I’m a cut off the T live on the original stem and make it a shorter fishtail

  2. Linwood

    Doggone, you find all of the good ones! I would have passed this one up just thinking it wasn’t worth thinking about….I need to rethink my standards and motivation!


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