Peterson’s Own “Devil Anse” Shape?

Interesting tie between the Peterson “Jap” pipe and the Devil Anse – thanks Mark

peterson pipe notes


I have a deep passion for vintage pipe shapes, Kapp & Peterson’s in particular. Part of this is undoubtedly because so many original Peterson shapes are still being made. Part of it has to do with the mythic shift of time and culture which can concretely be held in one’s hands and smoked. It’s what Eric Squires calls “endurance”: “What I like, I’ve decided, is what endures, those things that keep surviving through time and wear, fashions and fads, exposure, accident, and hardship.”* I would call it rootedness, I suppose—benchmarks, touchstones, archetypes, glimpses into the really Deep Things.

Antique Collection 1904 1908
Antique Collection 2005 (Courtesy

In any event, Peterson’s various Antique Collections have all spoken directly (if sub-vocally) to me about “endurance” or rootedness or whatever you’d like to call it, beginning with the first four back in 1996 and followed by the release of subsequent pairs in 2005, 2009 and…

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