A Kaywoodie Supergrain 5102 Poker Clean Up

Blog by Troy Wilburn

I got this pipe in a lot of pipes I received from a friend on Facebook. It’s a pre 1936 four digit (5102) stamped poker with the 4 hole stinger. It was in terrific shape, so being at least 78 years old I wanted to keep it as original as possible. I basically just gave it a good cleaning with little else needed.

Here is the pipe before:KW1


KW3 I scraped out old cake (which there wasn’t much of) and gave the shank a good cleaning. I cleaned off all the old grime with a cotton ball and a small amount of Oxy Clean mixed with warm water. I cleaned the rim with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab followed by scrubbing it with oxy/water with a Scotch Brite pad. Mineral oil will bring the color back out.KW4

KW5 I soaked the stem and stinger in isopropyl alcohol for about 45 minutes to loosen up the stuff on the stinger.KW6 I cleaned stinger and inside stem with steel wool and isopropyl alcohol. Once finished with the scrubbing it was ready for wet sanding.KW7

KW8 I had to file out some very minor tooth marks on the top and bottom of the stem next to the button.KW9 With the bowl cleaned and stem wet sanded I put the pipe back together for inspection.KW10 I wiped down the pipe and stem with mineral oil to condition wood, bring color back out and then did some final inspecting before buffing.KW11 Once the oil absorbed into the wood and vulcanite it was ready for a little buffing.

Here is what the pipe looked like after I was finished.KW12













7 thoughts on “A Kaywoodie Supergrain 5102 Poker Clean Up

    1. Troy

      Thank you .
      I had been trying to get a KW poker for a while. They just kept eluding me for one reason or another.
      This one just kind of fell into my lap and was the best one that i had come across . Being a four- digit was just the icing on the cake .


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