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Comoys Rhodesian Restoration

Blog by Al Jones

I was looking for a Christmas pipe to restore for my future son-in-law and spied this neat, chubby Comoys Rhodesian on Ebay. It is a Cadogan era Comoys with a stamped C stem logo and has shape number B1057. The shape and size remind me of the GBD 9438, but without the beading on the bowl. He has a 9438 from last Christmas, so this Comoys will make a good rack mate for it.


Comoys_B1057_Before (4)

Comoys_B1057_Before (3)

Comoys_B1057_Before (1)

Comoys_B1057_Before (5)

Comoys_B1057_Before (8)

The pipe was in pretty good shape with a little tar buildup on the bowl rim and a heavily oxidized stem. There were some teeth abrasions on the stem, but they were minimal with no heavy indention’s. Stem fitment was great. The pipe passes a cleaner nicely appears to be drilled well. The bowl showed very light use and was easy to clean.

I soaked the bowl with 91% isopropyl alcohol and the stem in a mild Oxy-Clean solution. I put a dab of grease on the stem logo.


The bowl didn’t take much, I buffed it with some white diamond and then red rouge, followed by several coats of carnuba wax. There are a few fills, but they blended in nicely and aren’t too noticeable.

I used 800 grit wet paper to remove the first layer of oxidation. That was followed by 1500 and 2000 grade wet papers. Working around a stamped C logo is always a little tricky and I don’t think you can get all the oxidation without damaging the letter. The stem was then sanded with 8000 and 12000 grade micromesh. I then buffed the stem with white diamond and red rouge. Below is the stem after the 800 grit wet paper.

Comoys_B1057_Progress (1)

Here’s the finished pipe, ready to be wrapped for Christmas morning…shhhh, don’t tell!


Comoys_B1057_Finished (5)

Comoys_B1057_Finished (1)

Comoys_B1057_Finished (2)

Comoys_B1057_Finished (4)

Comoys_B1057_Finished (3)