Odds and Ends

Blog by Kenneth Lieblich

I was just going through some bits and pieces of tobacciana that I have unwittingly acquired in pipe collections – and I thought I’d share a few photos.

First is a bottle of Dunhill Holdaclean. This is a fluid used for cleaning filters and cigarette holders, but I wonder if it might have also been used (off-label) for cleaning pipes. This bottle was from my late grandfather, and he didn’t smoke cigarettes. I did a quick search online for “Dunhill Holdaclean” (and variations thereof) and found literally nothing on this product. If you know anything about it, please let me know. I can’t pin an exact age on this bottle, but it must be at least 47 years old because my grandfather died in 1975. Second is the tag/pamphlet that comes with a Murphy Pipe Tip. This was a bog-standard rubber tip for your pipe. I snapped photos of the front, back, and inside of the piece I have. I also included a photo I grabbed online of what a whole display would have looked like. I know that the patent on this item is from 1936, but I don’t know if this specific tag is from that date or not. It seems unlikely, as 25¢ in the late-30s is equivalent to about $5 today – but who knows. Cute little item. Third is a package of Comoy’s of London Pipe Polishing Cloths. The package is complete, albeit used, in its original bag. It had two cloths in it, as you can see. One cloth for the stummel and one for the stem. Once again, I have no idea of its age and would welcome any information you might have. Just like the bottle above, I did a search online and found no useful information. Finally, I have a box of Brigham Maplewood filters. This has a 1960s/1970s feel about it, but I’m just guessing at this point. It just so happens that I have a new box of Brigham filters and I wanted to compare. So, I laid a new one and an old one side-by-side and saw two differences. First, the old filter was notably thinner than the new one. Second, all the new filters were drilled off-centre, as compared with the old filters. You can make of that what you will! As it is Christmas Eve, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a joyous Christmastide. I look forward to sharing more pipe tales with you in the new year. Please continue to follow me here on Steve’s website or email me directly at kenneth@knightsofthepipe.com. Thank you very much for reading and, as always, I welcome and encourage your comments.

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