A Mobile Restoration from Minnesota via Nebraska to Colorado of a Beat-up Napoleon of Italy Billiard

Here is Dal’s latest mobile restoration. This one was riddled with fills and he brought some new life to it!.

The Pipe Steward

This ‘mobile restoration’ begins on Mother’s Day as my wife and I embark on a trip from Golden, Colorado, to Minnesota to visit family – mainly to see my wife’s father who now lives in an assisted living facility.  When we returned to the US from Bulgaria last year, amid all the world pandemic concerns with COVID, we acquired this small travel trailer as a way to travel and stay safer.  We are all packed and ready to go – my pipe tools and supplies packed too!

The next pipe on the ‘mobile worktable’ from Darren’s selections from the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” Only! collection is a ‘potentially’ attractive straight Billiard marked ‘NAPOLEON’ on the left shank flank.  One would expect a COM of France, but instead on the underside of the shank, ‘ITALY’ is stamped.  I acquired this classic tapered Billiard in August of 2018 in what I have called…

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