Breathing New Life into an ‘Elegant’ Lorenzo Eleganza 8769 of Italy Bent Dublin

Here is a great post Dal did on his own blog. Give it a read.

The Pipe Steward

The next pipe on the worktable is an attractive, Lorenzo Eleganza – another pipe that Daren has commissioned from the For “Pipe Dreamers” Only! collection which benefits the Daughters of Bulgaria – helping women and girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. Darren is an active member in his Pennsylvania based pipe and cigar club (See: FBChester County Cigar Club – Holy Smokes) and reached out to me after he discovered a fellow member acquired a pipe restored by me. The Lorenzo that caught Darren’s eye was acquired with the help of my son, Josiah, who connected me with a lot of 26 pipes at an antique store located in St. Louis, where he and his wife reside. It was a great addition to the Dreamers collection and many of these have already found new homes with happy stewards. The Lorenzo Elegeanza is marked.

Here are some…

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