Re-Discovering Brigham’s Canuck Line of Pipes and Rehabilitating Two Prototypes – Part I

I love it when Charles finds these historical pieces… it is the kind of thing I love to find myself too. So… I get to enjoy it vicariously! Thanks Charles. Looking forward to the restorations on these lovelies.


Every now and again, a pipe collector comes across something really special. I had one such moment recently which I’m excited to share with all of you.

A few months ago, I received an email from a gentleman in Hamilton, Ontario requesting some help in identifying a couple of old Brigham pipes he had acquired. This in itself isn’t that unusual for me – this blog is chock full of posts about Brigham pipes, and I field questions about the brand regularly. This time, however, the pictures attached to the email showed something I don’t usually see – two non-system Brigham pipes – a Bulldog and a Pot.


The pipes were in pretty rough shape but the nomenclature was easily read. Both pipes are stamped with the old Brigham script logo, with the tail of the “m” turning back underneath the word. Most often, I see this logo with the Brigham…

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