Finally, a Zeus Pipe Marketing Pamphlet

Blog by Steve Laug

This morning I received a message and note on the blog from Dan C. Sanford thanking me for the work on rebornpipes. He had come across the blog most recently when researching a Zeus pipe and Google sent him to rebornpipes. Dan is a pipe restorer as well and it was good to hear from him. He included a link to a shout out he did for me on YouTube. Thanks Dan! Here is the link to the video. (

But what interested me even more than the shout out was something he showed in the video. He held up a Zeus pipe that he had picked up at a local antique shop for a very reasonable price. The pipe had come with the original Marketing Pamphlet that was included with all Zeus pipes. I have never seen the document before and was anxious to see it. I wrote Dan a message and thanked him for the shout out and also asked if he would be willing to scan or photograph the pamphlet to make it available to all of us here on rebornpipes. Dan replied that he would do that for me and it was not long before he sent it via Messenger. I have included it here. Thanks Dan.


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