108. The Old 900 Shape Group: Restoring an IFS 949 Oval-Shank Billiard

I really like the looks of this old Pete. Mark did a great job on the restore and the write up. Cannot wait to read the book he is working on!

peterson pipe notes

James Arrington, who entrusted me with his Late Patent-Era House pipe (see blog here), also sent me a vintage billiard to restore that I think you’ll find interesting. It’s one of those shapes that deserve to be reintroduced to the catalog, for one thing—an oval-shank that can be set on a flat surface.

One of the great things that characterizes Peterson as a marque is its emphasis on practicality. Over the years the company has released a number of “setters” or flat-bottomed pipes, both bents and straights. There aren’t any oval-shanked straights in the current production catalog, although the classic dublin 120F (“F” in this case for flat) was in the catalog as late as 1965. And then there’s this amazingly dynamic, forward-canted oval-shank billiard.

The pipe is stamped with number 949 on the reverse, IRISH over FREE STATE on the bottom of the shank at the mortise…

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