Charatan Models & Shape Information for the Collector.

In my hunt for information on the Charatan’s Make Distinction Dublin that I worked on recently I came across this helpful list of models and shapes of Charatan’s Make pipes. It was listed on reddit and it is actually the first list I have seen presenting the shapes and models available. I thought it would be worth posting here for quick reference. Here is the link to the original post. Thanks to the original poster of this on reddit. — Steve

Charatan Models & Shape Information for the Collector.

Charatan Models Lane Era
DC Stands for Double Comfort Bit / Stem, This is a Step Down Style Stem, it is easily distinguished from a standard Saddle bit, or Fishtail.

Charatan’s make freehand straight grains
Summa Cum Laude
Crown Achievement
Royal Achievement
Supreme 200
Supreme 150
Supreme 100
Supreme S
Selected XLG
Executive XLG
Distinction XLG
After Hours
Free hand Relief

Charatan’s make “Apprenticeship” standard shape grades
Relief Grain (tan)
Relief Grain (dark)

Charatan Shape Numbers
8 Large bulldog / saddle bulldog
11 bent 1/2 bent billiard
12 Large billiard
33 Bell Dublin
47 Ritz heavy shank pot
48 Large pot
58 Newmarket 1/16 bent long shank Dublin
61 Huntsman horn
63 Zulu
72 Burlington 1/4 bent stack
73 Salisbury pointed heel 1/4 bent apple
80 Large Dublin
81 Gilpin Dublin-bowl poker
83 Cavalier round rim calabash
84 The Ton barrel bowl poker
89 Bent pot diamond shank 1/4 bent pot
91 Medium Dublin
101 Diamond billiard / diamond shank billiard
102 Extra large billiard
109 Rhodesian 1/4 bent Rhodesian
122 Apple
148 Outsize pot
211 Outsize bent 1/2 bent billiard
402 Outsize lumberman / Canadian
420 Outsize billiard / heavy shank billiard
502 Prince prince
651 Banker diplomat
652 Panel billiard
654 Skater skater
655 Pot royal pot
0104 Medium lumberman / Canadian
0120 Large lumberman / Canadian

5 thoughts on “Charatan Models & Shape Information for the Collector.

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  4. Mel Cates

    Steve, thanks for posting this. It is always a pleasure to get information on pipes I have had for years but just haven’t checked into them. I have a 402 and 420 both Lane Era pipes that I have had for years, both estate pipes. Great pipes!
    Mel Cates


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