1937 Pipe Lore Annual – Wally Frank Catalogue

Blog by Steve Laug

I purchased a group of pipes from a fellow in Texas and it included this Pipe Lore Annual Wally Frank Catalogue from 1937. It is an interesting read. For me these old catalogues are great reading and the descriptions of pipes and tobaccos fascinate me. I thought I would scan it and share it here with all of you. Give it a read. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “1937 Pipe Lore Annual – Wally Frank Catalogue

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  2. ThePipeSteward - Dal in Bulgaria

    Great read, Steve! Enjoyed the ‘how to’ sections especially how to keep your pipe sweet. Thanks for posting this

  3. MarkinOR

    Where is a Wally Franks B&M when you really need one? Thanks for posting this. Always great to see an old catalog with how a good life use to be. What this Country needs is a good $1.50 block meerschaum 😉 That and a 5 cent micro-brew!


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