Scorched Briar and Unique Stamping Reveal a Part of Brigham Pipe History

Nice work Charles on a great piece of Brigham history.

A DadsPipes reader contacted me a little while ago to ask about a Brigham pipe he’d picked up at a local antique shop. Initially he had planned to clean up the pipe himself, but after running into possible burnout problems, he decided to send the pipe my way for an opinion.

I was sent these pictures as an introduction to the pipe. As you can see, there were several large scorch marks on the outside of the bowl, and a damaged area inside the chamber that I’d have to sort out. While potentially serious issues, the scorch marks didn’t peak my interests as much as the stampings. Can you spot what made me sit up and take notice in these pics?


The pipe is stamped on the left shank “Brigham” over “MADE IN CANADA”, and on the right shank “A524”. The stem is inset with the 7-Dot “starburst” pinning pattern.

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1 thought on “Scorched Briar and Unique Stamping Reveal a Part of Brigham Pipe History

  1. Jack L. Casner

    I have a couple of recent Kaywoodie pipes. I believe they were made in Italy and they don’t have that damned stinger. They are finished with what looks to be varnish, Alcohol won’t remove the stuff and I’m reluctant to use any other type of solvent. Can you buff the finish from the pipes and wax them? How much would you charge?


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