Berkley Club Bulldog Restoration (Sasieni 2nd)

By Al Jones

A member of the forum contacted me after spotting this bulldog on Ebay. He wondered if it was a Sasieni 2nd. There is a long list of Sasieni second line pipes, but I could tell from the football shaped COM (Country of Manufacture) stamp that it was made by Sasieni. The pipe is stamped with the shape number 779R, as are most Sasieni second line pipes (Sashar, etc.). I wonder what the R signified? A thread on the forum indeed showed that the Berkley Club was indeed a Sasieni second.  This shape would have been the “Danzey” shape, 79, if it were a Sasieni.    There is a small flaw near the shank/bowl junction that was filled.  I suspect this rendered the pipe to be a second line offering.

Sasieni Seconds Thread –

From the Ebay listing, the pipe appeared to be in good condition. I love restoring these kind of British oddities, so I volunteered to restore the pipe. When it arrived at my home, I could see that he made a good decision in buying the pipe, it was great shape. The briar stain was faded and the stem oxidized with some teeth indentions.

Curiously, the bowl has a very uniform well drilled into the bottom and the stem included an aluminum straw/stinger. I’ve not yet encountered a pipe bowl with this feature.

The stem bore a faint “B” stamp and I wasn’t sure that could be salvaged.

There was very little cake in the bowl, so I used a piece of 320 grit sandpaper to remove the minimal residue. The shank was completely clogged with debris, which I removed with the drill bit from my Senor reamer. The bowl was soaked with alcohol and sea salt. I soaked the stem in a mild solution of Oxy-Clean.

I wiped on a coat of Fieblings Medium Brown stain to freshen the briar, then hand waxed it with Halycon Wax.

Following the bowl soak, the shank was cleaned with a soft bristle brush. I used a lighter to bring up some of the tooth indentions. The initial layer of oxidation was removed with 800 grit paper, followed by 1,500 and 2,000 grades. Next up was 8,000 and 12,000 grade micromesh sheets. The stem was buffed with White Diamond and then Meguiars Plastic polish. Most of the teeth indentions were removed. I was able to save the fragile appearing “B” stem logo

Below is the finished pipe.


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