Comoy’s 484B Grand Slam Restoration

By Al Jones

The 484B Billiard with saddle stem is a classic in the Comoy’s shape chart and is described as a “Large Billiard”. This pipe is a Grand Slam, which means it originally came with a metal stinger and leather washer system. Most smokers discarded this apparatus for a more open draw. The Grand Slam was introduced in the early 1930’s and was seen into the 1970’s. The round “Made in London, England” stamp and drilled, 3 piece C stem logo indicate that it was made between somewhere from the late 1940’s to the mid-70’s. The pipe arrived in very good condition, with some buildup on the bowl top and an oxidized, but otherwise undamaged stem.

The cake was removed with my reamer set, than the bowl interior finished with a small piece of 320 grade sandpaper wrapped around a smaller bit. The bowl was filled with sea salt and alcohol and soaked overnight. After the soak, the shank was cleaned with some small bristle brushes and paper towels. I soaked the stem in a mild Oxy-Clean solution with a dab of grease over the stem logo. Following the soak, the stem was mounted and oxidation removed with 800, 1,500 and then 2,000 grade wet paper. The stem was finished with 8,000 and 12,000 grade micromesh sheets. I removed the tars on the bowl top with a worn piece of scotch-brite (wet) and then touched up with 2,000 grade wet paper. The bowl top still had the beveled edge and interior was in excellent condition.

The briar was polished with White Diamond rouge, than several coats of carnuba wax. The stem was finished by buffing with White Diamond rouge and then Meguiars Plastic polish. The button is quite crisp on this one, so the previous owner must have been very careful when smoking the pipe.

Below is the finished pipe


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