60. Peterson 2017 Product Catalog & A Well-Kept Secret

That is a great catalogue. Got to reblog it for the readers of rebornpipes. Thanks Mark.

peterson pipe notes

2017 Peterson Pipe Collection

And here it is – the 2017 Peterson Pipe Collection catalog! Download it, save it, pass it along to other Pete Nuts—that’s what it’s for. You’ve seen official photos of most of the new lines a few blogs back, although I’ve been told there will be minor adjustments made to the final finish on the Clontarf and Summertime lines.

If you’re particularly anxious to own one of the pipes in the catalog above, Yiorgos Manesis at James Fox / PipeDivan has the following in stock, although not all of them will be listed on the website until Monday:

2017 POTY Smooth (filter or no filter) – €211.38
2017 POTY Rustic (No filter) – €178.86
2017 Summertime B10 (No filter) – €113.82
Newgrange Spigot XL02, 87, 999 (no filter) and XL90, 106, XL11 (filter) – €187
Waterford XL22 (Filter) – €113.82

Let me caution you that one…

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