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Sprucing Up a Blatter Bent Pot

I really like Blatter & Blatter pipes. Charles did a great job on this piece pipe history from Montreal.

I’m pushing this post out a little early this week. I head out tomorrow on a long-anticipated fishing trip with my brothers, but I wanted to make sure I left something for you to read while I’m (hopefully) reeling in some walleye!

This is the next pipe I worked on from the box of Blatter pipes sent to me for refurbishment. This one is a Bent Pot shape with a nicely blasted finish.

The pipe had been only lightly smoked. There was a thin layer of cake in the bowl, but apart from needing a general cleaning, the stummel was in good shape without cracks or dents. The stem was heavily oxidized to an ugly yellow-brown colour. Removing the oxidation to restore the stem’s deep black colour would be the major task with this pipe. The stem had no tooth dents to worry about, just light chatter that would smooth…

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