Repairing a Cracked Horn Shank Extension on a Stanwell Buffalo

Good tutorial on repairing a split horn stem and a good recovery after the unexpected issue. Thanks Charles

Needing a break from all the Brigham and Blatter pipes I’ve worked on lately, I dug down through my box of estate pipes and came up with this Stanwell Buffalo. It is a Shape # 140, which Bas Steven’s list of Stanwell shapes identifies as a “Small freehand, slightly bent, full mouthpiece by Jess Chonowitsch”. I’m not very familiar with Chonowitsch’s designs, but I quite like this Dublin-esque freehand.

Out of the refurb box, the pipe looked to be in very good condition. It had obviously been smoked, as the rim was partially obscured by a thin crust of lava, and the mouthpiece showed some light tooth chatter. There was a decent amount of cake in the bowl, and a few dents and dings around the outside edge of the crowned rim.


The pipe is stamped “Stanwell” over “Made in Denmark” over “Buffalo” on the underside of the shank near…

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