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Since 1936 There’s Been No Match For a Kirsten – 1980s Era Catalog

After all my recent post of Catalogues from the 70s I have been sharing them on the Facebook Metal Pipe Smokers Group. Samuel R. Vior who has written a blog here on rebornpipes in the past sent me some scans of some of his catalogues. The one that follows is recent one that he think came from the 80s as it is a booklet and the models are Designers stand up. Sam gave me permission to post these here. This is the first of them. It has some great historic information and photos that add to my Kirsten knowledge. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Sam.

1975-1976 Kirsten Pipe Company Catalog

This is the last of the Kirsten Pipe Catalogs that I received. It is from 1975-1976. Once again enjoy this blast from the past. It comes from the year I got married – 40+ years ago now. I remember I picked up my first Kirsten not long after that time. There is something about the design that intrigues me so I really like reading the old pieces of literature from the company.