1975-1976 Kirsten Pipe Company Catalog

This is the last of the Kirsten Pipe Catalogs that I received. It is from 1975-1976. Once again enjoy this blast from the past. It comes from the year I got married – 40+ years ago now. I remember I picked up my first Kirsten not long after that time. There is something about the design that intrigues me so I really like reading the old pieces of literature from the company.


2 thoughts on “1975-1976 Kirsten Pipe Company Catalog

  1. Todd L. Platek

    I have not smoked a Kirsten or similar aluminum/alloy tube pipes. I’d appreciate hearing your and readers’ thoughts on the relative merits and shortcomings of such pipes vis-a-vis briar pipes. Thanks.

    1. rebornpipes Post author

      Todd, I have several and find them an interesting smoke. What I mean by that is they have a briar bowl so you have the briar quality smoke, they have an aluminum radiator that cools the smoke and reduces tongue bit, they have a vulcanite bit which is the same as my briar and they have a strange flue adjustor on the front of the rad to damper the burn rate of the tobacco. Kind of a combination of two worlds. The draw back to me is that they need to be cleaned quite often or the flue seizes and the stem can also seize. the tube really collects the oils and tars. The bottom draught hole in the bowl does not seems to clog or plug for me so no issues there. Worth a go for sure. But to me they will never replace my briars.


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