Bookends! A Pair of 1970’s Brigham Norseman Pipes

Here is a pair of what appears to be a bit of a rarity – Brigham Norseman pipes that Charles refurbished. In all the years I have been working on pipes (including many Brighams) I have yet to come across one of these. Nice work Charles.


Old friends,
Sat on their park bench
Like bookends.

– Simon & Garfunkel, Old Friends

Even a casual glance through the posts here at DadsPipes will quickly identify me as the vintage Brigham pipe fan that I am. I blame it on my father, who is, of course, not here to defend himself and therefore a safe target. His pipe collection, much of which now graces my pipe racks, consisted mainly of Brighams, made in his home town of Toronto from 1906 right up to 2001 when production moved to Italy.

In my mind, Brigham pipes are Everyman pipes – there was a Brigham to fit any budget, large or small. More importantly, they were quality pipes – even the lowly 1-Dot “Brigham Standard” pipe was built to last – and the Rock Maple filter system is one of the only pipe systems ever marketed that actually comes through on…

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