Peterson’s Pipes Brochure from Genin, Trudeau & Co. LTD. in Montreal, Quebec

I also picked up a copy of a Peterson’s Pipes Brochure that is really interesting. It has some great drawings of the system and also of the various shapes that are available. The brochure as an order blank that the buyer can send to Genin, Trudeau & Co. at 38 Notre Dame West in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The postal code on the cover of the brochure gives it some age though I am not sure how old it is. Perhaps some of you will be able to help date this brochure. It would be great to know potential age.

pete1 pete2 pete3 pete4


10 thoughts on “Peterson’s Pipes Brochure from Genin, Trudeau & Co. LTD. in Montreal, Quebec

  1. Mark Irwin

    Hi Steve! The catalog lists two lines that appeared in the early 1970s, one being the Dunmore–the unmounted Premiere System pipe. It was officially in the Peterson 1975 catalog, but available in the US through Iwan Ries and probably GTC as early as 1971. The GTC numbering system is distinctive: Peterson stamped pipes with GTC numbers. Note, for example, the “1” before all the 300 System numbers. A “1300” System pipe was one produced for GTC and sold by them.

      1. Mark Irwin

        Just that GT&C always had an arrangement with Peterson to have the shapes they imported stamped with their own numbers. You’ll notice some familiar shapes in the brochure with irregular numbering. I see a few of these on ebay–in fact, I have a 1309 (of course). When you bid on a Pete that’s coming from Canada, there’s always a good chance it’s a GT&C import.

  2. upshallfan

    Wow, there are some interesting shape numbers that are foreign to me:
    56 (looks like the 9BC shape)
    I hope Mark Irwin sees and comments on these shape numbers. Were they specific to Canada?
    I remarked on my last Peterson restoration on how rare Peterson catalogs are. I found zero scanned offerings, save the new catalog.


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