An Older Julius Vesz Catalogue

On Sunday I visited R.J. Clarke Tobacconist here in Vancouver and he gave me a bag of tobacco literature. There are catalogues, brochures, flyers, inserts and letters from suppliers. There is some pretty interesting memorabilia in the bag. I am scanning the documents and will be posting them here on the blog to give them a wide audience. The first of these is an older Julius Vesz catalogue. I have several of Julius’ pipes and enjoy them. They smoke cool and dry. So this was a great addition to the information I have on the pipes. I thought I would share it with you all. Enjoy the brochure.

vesz1 vesz2 vesz3vesz4vesz5vesz6

2 thoughts on “An Older Julius Vesz Catalogue

  1. upshallfan

    Wow, an artisan with their own catalog! (you may have spelled it incorrectly….). One thing is for sure, I’m definitely not individualistic enough to own that horn/plateau pipe!

    1. rebornpipes Post author

      LOL! Catalogue is the Canadian way of spelling things vs. the catalog which is American. Never know though Al. Julius did some interesting pipes but I am with on the horn/plateau


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