Restoring a Well-Loved Stanwell Bamboo Peewit

This Peewit shape 30 is one of my favourite Stanwell Shapes. Well done on the restoration Charles.


I actually pulled this pipe out of the box of waiting estate pipes quite some time ago, getting part way through the restoration and then leaving it on my desk for several weeks before finally coming back to it. Some pipes just seem to need time on the worktable while I putter with other projects before they’re ready to take centre stage themselves.

This Stanwell Bamboo is not stamped with a shape number, bu

sixtenreal1 Peewit Pipe by Sixten Ivarsson

t I believe it would be a 30, based on Sixten Ivarsson’s Peewit design, to which Stanwell bought the rights in the 1960’s. The egg/acorn-shaped bowl, bamboo shank and relatively short saddle stem are a close match to the Ivarsson pipe shown here on the right, though the shank is shorter on the Stannie. Bas Stevens’ comprehensive Stanwell pipe shapes entry on the Reborn Pipes blog lists the 30 as a…

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