Bringing New Life to a Scarred Butz-Choquin Supermate Major

Nice job on rusticating and blending in the repaired shank. Did you ever figure out why the fills you were doing would not stick? That is curious.


This pipe immediately caught my attention when I first unpacked the auction lot. Pictured in the top left corner of the pipe lot pic below, this Butz-Choquin Supermate Major struck me by its elegant simplicity. No fuss, nothing fancy, just good grain, clean lines and a classic Lumberman shape characterized by its long, pinched-oval shank and saddle bit.

Estate Pipe Lot

Unlike many of its brethren in this lot, the Supermate was relatively clean with only a bit of grease & grime on the exterior, minor cake build-up in the bowl and a few small nicks on the rim. The stem had only minor oxidation but had other issues: the BC logo I assume used to be in the circle on top of the stem was long gone, and the button was worn down nearly flat and showed the remains of old tooth dents.

The flattened button and the poor condition of the…

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1 thought on “Bringing New Life to a Scarred Butz-Choquin Supermate Major

  1. DadsPipes

    The fills not staying put remains a mystery. I imagine it’s got skmdthing to do with glue incompatibilities. No way to tell what was used for the origjnal repair, which makes it tricky.


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