Restoring an odd Trom-bone Pipe

Blog by Troy Wilburn

I got this off eBay because it was an American made pipe and it was a poker. It came unsmoked. It gets its name from the unique way you slide the pipe apart to clean it. I thought it would be an interesting addition to my poker collection.

I don’t know much about the pipe other than that they were made in California. This seems to be one of those “let’s build a better mousetrap” ideas when there is nothing wrong with the old mousetrap. Like I always say, some things are rare for a reason.

The pipe is a Bakelite type of plastic with a briar insert. I don’t know if I will smoke it or not as I am not sure how the plastic can take the heat coming from the bottom of the bowl.

So here is the pipe in all of her weird glory after I did a little buffing. Trombone1











Trombone12 I really didn’t think that this pipe would be that air tight and that it would have a lot of leaks. It doesn’t though. I can cap the bowl with my hand and blow and not hear or feel any air leaks.

2 thoughts on “Restoring an odd Trom-bone Pipe

  1. rebornpipes Post author

    Troy I have some Bakelite pipes that have briar and meer liners and they actually smoke pretty cool. You have to at least give that one a first smoke. It deserves to be tried just to see if the “mousetrap” any good.


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