One I had not seen before: Anabaso Genuine Meerschaum Absorbent Smoking Filters

I received a gift box of pipe bowls today and in the box was this little package of filters. It has a price tag of .25 for 10 filters. Someone had penciled in $1 under the .25 on the tag. The front is printed Anabaso in a globe over Standard Size. Next to that it reads Imported from Vienna, Austria over Genuine Meerschaum Absorbent Smoking Filters. Underneath it reads No Chemicals – Only Pure Meerschaum. Underneath all of the above it reads Pure absorbent Meerschaum is the oldest and best filtering material in the world. IMG_1670 On the back side of the box it reads: Made in Austria in a circle in the left corner. Next to that it reads as follows: these Genuine Meerschaum Absorbent Smoking Filters are a natural filter made from genuine imported Meerschaum they not only filter out tars and impurities but add a pleasant meerschaum flavor to this smoke the same as fine meerschaum pipes. Each filter is good for 30 smokes. Change the filter when it turns dark brown. In a band on the bottom of the backside it reads for Pipes, Cigar and Cigarette Holders. The last line reads U.S. Agents – Holland-Dutch Pipe Co., New York, N.Y. IMG_1671 Inside was a sliding tray. On each end it is printed 10 Filters. The tray holds 10 plastic filters. The clear plastic tube is filled with meerschaum chips with a blue plastic cap on the top. The cap and the tube both have two have moon openings for the smoke to flow through. The meerschaum chips collect the tars and the imperfections. IMG_1672 This is a great piece of Tobacciana that I had not seen before. In the back of my mind I vaguely remembered the Holland-Dutch Pipe Co. But I could not quite connect it with what they had made. I did some digging online to try to identify the Holland-Dutch Pipe Co. of New York and found a link to Theodorus Niemeijer Holland Dutch Pipe Co. NY. This was the company that made and imported Flying Dutchman Tobacco and the various blends of Sail Tobacco into the US. I have smoked quite a few of their blends over the years and have enjoyed them all at various times in my journey with the pipe. $T2eC16NHJIYFHNr7trBOBS!je0DN9Q~~60_57 $(KGrHqZHJBYFHyTwqIb7BSDuDu5nNg~~60_57

2 thoughts on “One I had not seen before: Anabaso Genuine Meerschaum Absorbent Smoking Filters

  1. Flatticus

    That’s just neat. I’ve seen the filters Kiko made, and apparently after Charles S. Loeb bought out the african meer companies he tried to market a meerschaum filter to the American cigarette manufacturers. Brown and Williamson actually considered it, there’s a link here:
    But this is the first I’ve ever heard that meerschaum was in use for filters when there was still an Austrian meerschaum industry. Very cool.


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