Sunrise 284 Rhodesian Restoration (Comoy’s 2nd)

By Al Jones

The 284 shape from Comoys is one their iconic and beloved shapes. This one is stamped “Sunrise”, one of the numerous 2nd lines from that brand. This one is also stamped “Natural”, so they produced the line in different finishes. A previous Sunrise on my workbench was in the Amber finish. The grain lines were really nice and it holds no noticeable flaws. I suspect the stem once held a stinger, as the tenon is quite large (it has a great draught!)

Here is an excerpt about the Sunrise line, courtesy of Pipepedia:

Below is the pipe as it was received. It had some darkening on the rim and the beveled edge would also need work. The stem was in very good condition, with minor teeth marks and mild oxidation.

I reamed the mild cake and soaked the bowl with sea salt and alcohol. Once the overnight soak was completed, I cleaned the shank with a bristle brush dipped in alcohol, until it came out clean.

I used some 800 grit wet paper on a block to remove the burn mark from the bowl top. I used a small wine stopper bowl with a piece of 600 grit paper to remove the burn marks from the beveled edge, while still keeping the bezel. Don’t tell my wife I commandeered one of her decorative wine stoppers.

The bowl top was then finished with 1500 and 2000 grit paper. There were a few dents and marks on the bowl. I used a wet towel with an electric iron to steam out the marks.

The stem was finished with 800, 1500 and 2000 grit paper, followed by 8,000 and 12,000 micromesh sheets. I then polished it with White Diamond and Meguiars Plastic polish on my buffer.

The bowl was polished with White Diamond and several coats of Carnuba wax.

Below is the finished pipe.

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