New Life to a Mysterious French Made C.A.V of St. Claude Canadian

Thanks Dal.. i know Kenneth could not find any information on it either in his searching… nice looking Canadian.

The Pipe Steward

I’m finally able to do something productive after having a bout with the COVID virus.  Nasty stuff. The next pipe on the worktable is the second pipe that pipe man Mike commissioned from the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ online collection benefitting the Daughters of Bulgaria.  Mike fares from the great state of Tennessee and is the founder and administrators of the FB group, Brothers by Briar. Here are pictures of the French made C.A.V of St. Claude – a handsome Canadian now on the worktable.The nomenclature is stamped on the upper side of the oval Canadian shank: BRUYERE [over] ST. CLAUDE.With the COM of St. Claude, France, the only identifier is the stem logo which is stamped with C.A.V inside an oval.  At first, I thought there were periods after each letter, but 2 periods are used as dividers between the letters.  At this point, I…

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1 thought on “New Life to a Mysterious French Made C.A.V of St. Claude Canadian

  1. Kenneth Lieblich

    I did some searching on the name CAV, but couldn’t find anything substantive. Also, got no information on the French fora. Despite my failings, Dal, it’s a lovely restoration.


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