Uncovering the Origins of an Early 1900s French Aspir Fabrication L.M.B. Petite Billiard

Some interesting history of French Pipemaking on this restoration. Great detective work Dal and Beth ! Thank you for this.

The Pipe Steward

It doesn’t surprise me that this unique, petite French Billiard came to me in a lot of pipes I purchased from a seller in Paris.  The French Lot of 50 was on the French eBay auction block in August of 2018 when my wife and I were still living in Sofia, Bulgaria.  A pipe man friend of mine living in Romania emailed me about this lot as well as about 4 others that the same Parisian seller had on the block.  He chose one and I chose another to bid on.  If I would have known how many treasures I would have found then, I would have bid on other lots as well.  One of the things that got my attention were all the horn stems I could see in the seller’s pictures.  There were other unique shapes that I could see as well. The picture below shows the Lot…

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