Repairing a Horn Stem on an Heirloom Czech-Made Bavarian

I am a lover of horn stems and also pipes that come with identifiable stories. Thanks for sharing this one Charles and thanks for the preservation work on it. Well done.

Every now and again I get the particular pleasure of working on a family heirloom pipe, a treasured part of someone’s family history they wish to preserve for display or their own use. This Made in Czechoslovakia Bavarian style pipe is one such piece, first owned by the current pipe steward’s grandfather.

As this first series of photos shows, the pipe was in fairly good shape for its age, though there were certainly signs of wear and tear. The nickel bowl cap had been lost , though the rim ring and half of the hinge were still present. A layer of carbon covered most of the rim ring, but it didn’t appear to be dented or otherwise damaged.

The varnish coat on the stummel was flaky, with patches worn off here and there, which gave the pipe a rather unloved look. The stem, attached to the bowl ring by a…

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