A Christmas Pipe for Me – A 1920s Champion Made in France House Pipe

The research on this one answers several mysteries on pipes that I have worked on. Now I want to know if the Swiss Champions I worked on marked France were made by the same French Company Dal Identified. Good job!

The Pipe Steward

My son, Josiah gifted this pipe to me Christmas of 2018. He was in St. Louis working on his master’s degree and happened upon a lot of 26 pipes in an antique store nearby where he lived. He knew that I’m always looking for pipe deals to help benefit the Daughters of Bulgaria – a work helping women and girls who had been trafficked and sexually exploited. Josiah saw a bunch of good pipes in the batch and sent a text to me in Bulgaria with pictures and this proposal – that he would split the cost of purchasing the Lot of 26 on the condition that I would pick one from the Lot that would be his gift to me for Christmas. That year our family gathered in Denver to celebrate Christ’s birth, and my wife and I flew from Bulgaria to join them. A gift-wrapped box was under…

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