Rescuing A Butz Choquin Rocaille St.Claude-France 1027 Rusticated Bulldog to Commemorate Another Bulldog Named Whiskey

Have a look at Dal’s reconstructive surgery on this BC Bulldog. Great work. Well done.

The Pipe Steward

Nick is the elder brother of Ellie, who lived with us as an ‘adopted daughter’ while she studied at Sofia University completing her degree in Chinese Language and Culture.  Their parents, CC and Svetly, good friends of ours, loved to go to flea markets and poke around to find treasures.  I became the benefactor of more than a few pipes that they found in the ‘wild’ which were both gifts for me as well as donated pipes to benefit the Daughters of Bulgaria – they knew of my love of pipes and that these restorations helped a good cause.  The pipes they personally gifted to me were actually treasures – Renewing a Treasured Swan Neck Meerschaum, a Gift from Treasured Friends was an esteemed older fellow that now provides fellowship on special occasions. Another treasure that came to me that I restored was a gift from Svetly.  The Churchwarden pictured below…

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