An Amazing Renewal of a Sculpted Briar Calabash

Here is a restoration Dal did… I have been without internet for 9 days now and I missed this one. Give the blog a read. Thanks.

The Pipe Steward

This shapely Sculpted Briar Calabash found its way to me in the first large lot purchase I made. As I began to collect pipes and restore them several years ago, I found pipes in antique shops and bazaars in Sofia, Bulgaria, where we lived. Along with these ‘finds’, I also found pipes here and there on online auction blocks that were affordable and could be added to the growing inventory of pipes to be commissioned in the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ collection. I had looked at larger lots of pipes online but had been skeptical about filling my chest with pipes that were not as desirable. I decided to take a chance with a lot of pipes I had been watching on the auction block. The seller in Georgetown, Texas, represented a community-based foundation called ‘The Caring Place’. The eBay billing caught my attention: “Huge Lot Of 66 Smoking…

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