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A Stem Replacement for a French Jeantet Bruyere Jumbos Since 1807 960 Needle Carved Satin Grain Billiard

Here is an interesting restoration on a unique wire finished pipe. Dal restemmed it and reworked areas on the finish itself. Give the blog a read to see the details.

The Pipe Steward

The next pipe on the worktable I acquired in January of 2017 from a seller in Akron, Ohio. I’ve enjoyed working on several Jeantet pipes of Saint Claude, France, in the past, but never one as large as this pipe. It was designated a ‘Jumbo’ in the eBay information. The information also confirmed what the picture showed that the saddle stem was undersized for the sharp vertically rusticated stummel. It obviously was not the original stem. I was still attracted to the Jumbo Jeantet stummel and after the closing bid was successful, the pipe made its way to me, and it was posted in the For “Pipe Dreamers” Only! collection for pipe men and women to commission. Here’s the French Jeantet Jumbo that got my attention on the eBay site:This Jeantet, along with a sculpted briar Calabash shape, caught Brandon’s attention in the ‘Pipe Dreamers’ collection and he reached…

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