New Life to a French Chapuis-Comoy Sunrise 729 Acrylic Bent Stem Dublin Sitter

This is a beauty that Dal just restored and posted on his blog. Give it a read. It turned out to be a stunning pipe. Thanks Dal

The Pipe Steward

The next pipe on the worktable came to me in 2018 when my son, Josiah, contacted me from an antique shop in St. Louis, where he lived and was studying. He found a box of pipes with a price on it, and he texted me in Bulgaria, where we were then, with a question whether I would be interested in them? It did not take long for my response of ‘Yes!’ and he purchased what I called the St. Louis Lot of 26. The caveat from Josiah was that he would share in the purchase and that I was to choose one pipe in the Lot for myself from him – a gift for the coming Christmas. The picture below was taken after unwrapping the Lot on Christmas and guess which pipe I chose as my Christmas gift? The huge Churchwarden in the center, of course. Many of the other…

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1 thought on “New Life to a French Chapuis-Comoy Sunrise 729 Acrylic Bent Stem Dublin Sitter

  1. Ronald Levaco

    I am an 81 year old documentary filmmaker, producer and professor emeritus of cinema at San Francisco State University. I have been a pipe smoker since the age of sixteen, on and off. From time to time I stopped smoking pipes, switched briefly to cigars, or quit smoking altogether. But after my dad died and bequeathed his substantial collection of pipes to me, having lovingly, laboriously and patiently cleaned them for me, I began to smoke one or another of his pipes to get closer to him somehow and because I admired and respected his refined taste and his daring willingness to spend what seemed to be large sums from his resources that exceeded mine, so I was attracted not only to have the stems of his luxurious pipes in my mouth but was also filled with Balkan smoke and admiration for his taste and acumen, and also because I felt that I was somehow incorporating his generous soul and spirit into my own being, as I luxuriated in smoking his Dunhills, Orliks, Charatans, Sasienis, Comoys, BBBs, and GBDs that for years I couldn’t—or didn’t feel I could—afford. And now I have all his pipes, as well as a few of my own, and I’m back to smoking a pipe again, and I have discovered to my great surprise that some amazing pipe shops still exist, and that there are entire communities of devoted pipe smokers and collectors and connoisseurs, as well as dedicated pipe restorers and extraordinary, expert pipe repair specialists, such as yourselves. And I cannot tell you how it has gladdened my heart to know you exist and to understand that you do what you do neither for the money nor to fill a need (such as mine) that is crucial to a guy like me who now has some great pipes that are in poor or desperate need of repair and restoration—in short, needing skills such as yours—either because their vulcanite stems have snapped in their shanks and are now disabled and useless, or are victims of neglect, or simply, like myself, just old and wearing out. Ah, if only you could restore me to my previous condition, my bliss would know no bounds. But being a practical cuss, I’m going to be happy with what I get, and not troubled by what I cannot have. So I’ll be in touch with you sooner than later to discuss what you can do for me to repair and restore the pipes I’ll photograph and discuss with you in the coming, near future. And in the meantime, drop me a line if you have the time.

    With best regards,

    Ronald Levaco
    San Francisco


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