Liberating the Grain of a Candy Apple Finish – A Savinelli Duca Carlo Poker of Italy

Have a look at the latest from Dal.

The Pipe Steward

The iconic ‘Poker’ is a fun shape that always seems to evoke images of why it became known as the ‘Poker’ – engaged in a game of cards or some other worthy board game with friends around a table and joined by one’s trusted and ‘lucky’ pipe ‘parked’ next to the glass holding one’s preferred adult beverage and packed with the familiar, comfortable aroma of one’s favorite blend.  THIS is the Poker capturing a picture of the ‘Fellowship of the Briar’ that unites many and diverse men and women around a shared passion.  Bill Burney’s great description of the Poker shape is worth repeating here from Pipedia:

The Duca Carlo Poker now on the worktable got Darren’s attention in the For “Pipe Dreamers” Only! collection and he reached out to me commissioning this Poker along with other pipes calling his name.  Here are pictures of the Duca Carlo on…

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