Shank Repairs and a New Stem for a French Kaywodie La Roche Reject

Charles did a masterful job on recrafting the cracked shank and the new stem for this French Made Kaywoodie. Give the blog a read and see how a master does his work!

This is a restoration project I picked away at in between other jobs over the last few months. The subject is a French-made Kaywoodie Square Shank Pot with a large bowl and a handsome sandblast finish. Unfortunately, the aluminum fitment had been scavenged from the pipe, shattering the shank in the process. The broken shank had been glued back together somewhat coarsely and bundled up with the stem, sans tenon. That’s where I started, as shown in these pics.

There was a chunk of briar missing from one corner of the shank, which was also covered in quite a bit of excess glue. The original Nylon stem had a few tooth dents. The chamber showed signs of light use but the rim of the bowl was clean.

The pipe is stamped on the flat underside with “Kaywoodie” over “La Roche” over “St. Claude – France”. A shape number, 412″ was…

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